All Form Downloads

Schedule of Fees    Schedule of Fees

Membership Form    ARPCBI Membership Application

AI Sire Notification    AI Sire Notification Form (Sire notification lodgement form)

AI Sire Listing Instructions    AI Sire Listing (Web Search Facility instruction for use)

ET Collection Form    Embryo Collection/Transfer Approval


Gene Seek DNA Typing   Red Poll GeneSeek form (excel) to be emailed to GeneSeek and a copy included with samples for DNA Typing and parentage verification.

DNA typing can be used for parentage verification (such as that required for breed society registrations) or multi-sire mating analysis to determine parentage in extensively managed systems

Hair Sampling Instructions    Hair Sampling instructions for DNA testing

R1 Registration Form    R1 Registration Form.  Application for Calving & Registration and coding.

R1 Registration (Excel)    R1 Registration Form Excel Version

R1 Form Information    Information on registrations R1 Forms

Constitution    Constitution. Updated September 2009

Rules & Regulations    Rules & Regulations. Oct 2019 (inc. Breed Standards)

Red Poll Notepaper    Red Poll Notepaper. Includes logo and contact details

Red Poll Shirts    Red Poll Shirts.  Green Chambray ordering

Red Poll Vests    Red Poll Vests.  Order Form

Brigadier Hurst Award    Brigadier Hurst Award – application & conditions of entry

Parker Performance Award    Parker Performance Award Criteria

Junior Award 2019    Junior Award 2019. Application & Conditions of Entry

Send completed forms by post or email to the Executive Officer