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Further enquiries please contact the Federal Secretary.

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RED POLLS Making A Difference

21st OCTOBER – 11th NOVEMBER 14

The Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc welcomes all to participate in the World Congress Tour of Australia.

The organising committee for the World Congress Tour have appointed Sunlover Holidays as the tour manager. They will manage the tour booking, supply a tour guide and provided pre and post tours for those participants who wish to come early or stay on after the tour ends on the Gold Coast (Brisbane).

Sunlover Holidays contact:

Kim McNeill 61 3 98677233







  • ORDER FORM: Congress Items for Sale





Wynfield Noble Justinian  ------------   34 straws

Maleer Lucas  ---------------------------- 0 straws

Nyoka Rustic  ----------------------------- 0 straws

Mundi Mundi Kingmaker   ------------  22 straws



$15 per straw

$100 for lots of 10 straws, mixed or of one bull only so get in early

Currently in storage at Select Genetics


The transport of semen to the purchaser’s semen storage centre at purchaser’s expense.

For images of the bulls please go to: Sales/For Sale

Enquiries to: ARPCBI Executive Officer phone 02 67733059 fax 02 67735376

email red.poll@abri.une.edu.au

The ARPCBI would like to thank G McCarthy for the kind donation of the Red Poll semen.




     66/100 straws Wynfield Noble Justinian
     36/36 straws Maleer Lucas
     65/65 straws Nyoka Rustic
     33/55 straws Mund Mundi Kingmaker

The Red Poll Beef NSW fundraiser is on again.


  South Australian Sauvignon Blanc 2012








This time you will be able to order both online as well as by using a printed order form emailed to members.
The print copy will make it easier for everyone to print off a few copies and take them to work or share with family and friends

Please contact Judy Robbins: 02 4842 2312, 0416 407 711, judaaron@msn.com

or Keryn Hutton: 02 6773 3059, red.poll@abri.une.edu.au

if you require further order forms.

Placing an online order is the same as before and is very simple.

Click on the following link to go direct to our fundraiser page on the Prospect Wines web site:


Please ensure that all orders are for a minimum of 12 bottles. Your dozen can be a straight dozen of all one wine, or you can select different wines to make up your own mixed dozen.

You will be charged a delivery fee for direct delivery to your nominated address by Prospect Wines.

We have limited the choice of wines this time round but have included a very nice Bubbly and nice Port...both of which will be appreciated over the coming festive season. (nothing like a nice refreshing Port and lemonade in summer)

These wines will be on sale through Christmas and the New Year


A big THANKS to everyone who supported our last run of wines.





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shirt folded 2


Ordering information for Red Poll Shirts: Goulburn Country & Workwear

PO Box 749, Goulburn, NSW, 2580 

Ph: 02 4821 9466




Red Poll AI Sire Listing:  for current listing please follow the link below:

About Red Polls

Download Forms

AI Sire Listing in pdf format [updated Feb 12]


AI Sire Search Facility Instructions


NOTE: If you are purchasing semen from a Red Poll sire and intend to register progeny, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the semen comes from a registered AI sire.






Victorian Region Merchandise:






 Contact: Judith Munro for Ordering Information






Available Rates: 6 weeks for $36.00 including one photo                

extra photos $3.50 each  


Requests to:

Federal Secretary.

02 6773 3059.

Email: red.poll@abri.une.edu.au



For support and assistance in the use and understanding of the different genetic technologies that are available, such as
BREEDPLAN, BreedObject Selection Indexes, Internet Solutions, TakeStock & DNA based tools or to discuss any of the
information included in this edition of the SBTS & TBTS Update, please contact:  office@sbts.une.edu.au

Getting Started with BREEDPLAN: click here

Tech Talk Articles: A Commercial Producers Basic Guide to using BREEDPLAN Information


 For more information on all SBTS services available to ARPCBI members including webinars and workshops please contact:
Gemma Wilkinson
(Young, NSW)
P: 0459 823 067


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