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This website has information about the breed, contacts and coming events, including sales, members services and listings, animal search, and youth programs.

All ARPCBI members are welcome to contribute.  

Further enquiries please contact the Executive Officer on 02 67733059 or red.poll@abri.une.edu.au.                   

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Congratulations NSW Region on a wonderful and informative Herd Tour!

Photos welcome, send to the Executive officer]




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Working with Children


Members who may have unsupervised contact (no parent present) with minors may need to have a 'working with children' check done.

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Summer 2016 SBTS & TBTS Update




For support and assistance in the use and understanding of the different genetic technologies that are available, such as BREEDPLAN, BreedObject Selection Indexes, Internet Solutions, TakeStock & DNA based tools or to discuss any of the information included in this edition of the SBTS & TBTS Update, please contact: 


Catriona Millen
P: 02 6773 3357



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BREEDPLAN BAsic Webinar Series is now available for viewing on the SBTS/TBTS YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/BAmVyjKJ0pE

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DNA Resources: Technical Documents relating to DNA Technologies




Getting Started with BREEDPLAN: click here



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Ordering information for Red Poll Shirts: Goulburn Country & Workwear

PO Box 749, Goulburn, NSW, 2580 

Ph: 02 4821 9466









Victorian Region Merchandise:






 Contact: Judith Munro for Ordering Information








Available Rates: 6 weeks for $60.00 including one photo                

extra photos $6.50 each  


Requests to:

Executive Officer

02 6773 3059

Email: red.poll@abri.une.edu.au



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