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Red Polls have an outstanding record for producing top quality carcases. The genetic ability of the Red Poll to produce the large eye-muscled carcase and still retain the perfect fat cover is a most valuable trait for efficient beef production.
Red Poll cattle have had success in winning carcase, feedlot, weight gain and efficiency competitions consistently for many decades. With limited numbers available to enter, when compared to the “major” breeds, this success is even more remarkable
Red Polls have demonstrated their ability to suit a wide range of markets, ranging from the milk vealer to the export quality steer. The medium maturity pattern of Red Polls mean the growth and fattening traits occur concurrently. This means greater flexibility when marketing the end product.

Red Polls win at the Noorat Carcass competition 2015

Greg Abbott has been the President of the Noorat Show carcass competition for a number of years and this year suggested the idea of an eating competition which was a great success and all guests found very interesting.

" It was a great win for the Red polls, as only a month ago at the Colac show the judge commented that the Red Polls were a dual purpose breed and may be better suited to the dairy breed". Each to their own I guess!

Winners: Greg Abbott won the Eating Quality sash and Don Castle the Grand Champion Carcass sash at the Noorat Show Carcass Competition.

Winners: Greg Abbott won the Eating Quality sash and Don Castle the Grand Champion Carcass sash at the Noorat Show Carcass Competition. Greg Abbott in the freezer as part of the judging team


RED Poll cattle have cleaned up this year’s Noorat Show Carcass Competition, winning both its Grand Champion Carcass and Eating Quality sections.

Don Castle from Koallah Park at Stonyford won the Grand Champion Carcass sash with a Red Poll and a Red Poll from Greg Abbott “Turanga” stud at Mortlake won the Eating Competition.

The Reserve Champion Champion Carcass ribbon went to Jason and Janine Swayne of Weerite for a Hereford/Simmental/Shorthorn cross.

In the Eating Quality competition, Adam Edge was runner-up with a Highland cross and and Sergio Beani from near Colac came third.

The carcass competition this year attracted 47 entries while the inaugural Eating Quality competition had 12.

Competition coordinator Greg Abbott said the competition was a great way for producers to get feedback on whether they were producing for the market’s demands.

All entrants in the competition receive detailed information about the carcass they had judged, from meeting market specifications to saleable meat yield and eating quality.

The cattle are processed at Geelong abattoir M.C. Herd and Mr Abbott thanked it for its assistance with the competition. 

Judge Daniel Gilmour, formerly with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (which encompasses agriculture) and Dixie beef producer, said the standard of carcasses was really good considering the dry season.

Mr Gilmour said it was “a closely fought contest” to decide the Grand Champion winner.

“There was a good mix of straight and crossbred cattle presented.

“Some cattle missed the specifications for weight,” Mr Gilmour said.

Steers won Class 2 (220-279kgs, fat 6-14mm), Class 3 (280-330kgs, ft 8-16mm)  and the pen of three while a female won Class 1 (170-219kgs, fat 4-12mm).

Jason and Janine Swayne won Class 1 with a Hereford Angus cross and Class 2 with a Hereford/Simmental/Shorthorn cross that wen on to also take out Reserve Grand Champion honours.

Ken Hodge of Mortlake won Class 3 with a Hereford and the Pen of Three.

Mr Hodge last week won the competition’s On The Hoof section.

The Grand Champion is drawn from the four classes.

Mr Abbott said the inaugural Eating Quality competition was held to rate beef from consumers’ perspective.

Five judges tasted pieces from 12 steaks from 12 carcasses and rated them on Meat Standards Australia criteria that included flavour, tenderness and juiciness.

‘The Standard’, December 2, 2015


Red Polls - South Australia's Most Successful Carcase Breed 2012

Red Poll Continued Carcase Success

Another year and another carcase win for Red Polls!

At the 2010 Adelaide Show carcase competition a steer, bred by JK Graham and Co. of Virangra Red Polls, Androssan, S.A. was placed first in the Heavy Domestic 240.1 - 300 kg class from a field of 67 with a total score of 89.343/100 as assessed under the Australian Beef Appraisal System (ABCAS). This steer, initially awarded the title of Champion Domestic Steer went on to be assessed as the Grand Champion Steer Carcase of the Show from 190 entries. The liveweight Judge had awarded the steer Reserve Domestic Heavy Weight Led Steer but, as usual, when the beast was dressed it was obviously the best carcase of the show.


The Red Poll team of three was placed third with one steer dressing 59% which pushed the animal into another class by 51kgs reducing the overall point score. Even the breeders of Red Poll cattle underestimate the potential of these consistent over achievers.

Genetic Testing of Red Polls

1. Genestar’s new Molecular Value Predictions (MVP)
Red Poll cattle have been tested extensively using earlier Genestar tests which have since been improved by the development of 56 markers whose presence or absence can provide an evaluation of the percentage ranking of tested animals in the cattle pool – an MVP. Pfizer Animal Health is soon to increase the number of markers to make these assessments more accurate.
Many Red Polls tested have shown an above average ranking for the traits of Tenderness and Feed Efficiency – top 10%, the characteristics proven to be most accurate on testing.

2. One Red Poll Stud has had 14 animals tested for the enzyme Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase (SCD). This enzyme converts saturated fatty acids to monounsaturated and facilitates production of a superior fat composition. This softer fat with a lower melting point is thought to increase the palatability, tastiness and healthiness of meat from animals with the enzyme compared to those without (important for the Japanese market). Of the 14 Red Polls tested, 12 (85%) were homozygous for the gene and the remaining 2(15%), were heterozygous for the condition.
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Lardner Park Steer Trial 2009

Red Poll Steers Perform well at Gippsland Steer Trial

A pair of Red Poll steers, from Ketlang Red Poll stud, have outperformed all but one pair of composite, crossbred and pure bred steers at 2009 Lardner Park steer trial.

The trial is conducted each year at the Lardner Park Field Days site. It is a grass fed trial and runs from June until early December, with the steers weighed monthly to monitor their progress. The target market for the steers is for a 210 to 270 kilogram HSCW with 5 to 14 mm of fat at the P8 site. The steers are entered as pairs and 45% of the overall points are awarded for weight gain and 55% of the overall points are awarded for carcase evaluation. Ketlang Red Poll stud entered two pairs of steers, with the higher performing pair averaging 1.28 kilograms per day, finishing just behind a pair of Simmental/Angus Optimizer composite steers with a daily weight gain of 1.30 kilograms per day.
The Ketlang steers were sired by A.I. sires Ketlang Monarch and Waroona Vale Metric. The Monarch sired steer missed out on having the highest overall gain of any steer in the competition by one kilogram. The average for the two pairs of Ketlang steers was 1.21 kilograms per day compared to 1.15 kilograms per day for the trial overall.

In the carcase evaluation, the highest scoring steers were a pair of Bazadaise/Angus cross steers followed by a pair of Red Angus X Hereford steers, with a pair of Red Poll steers entered by John Fowler gaining third place.
Although the overall winners are not announced until a presentation dinner in the New Year, the results show that first place overall goes to the Simmental / Angus Optimizer composite steers, second place to the Ketlang Red Poll steers and third place to a pair of Murray Grey steers.
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ANCARE/CRT National Steer Competition: 2009


Weight gain on grass (kg’s/day)
Carcass score, excluding carcass weight
Yield of saleable
meat (%)
Red Poll
  Murray Grey
  Poll Hereford
  Santa Gertrudis
  Angus/Santa Gertrudis
  Angus/Shorthorn (Blue E)
  Charolais/Santa Gertrudis
  Santa Gertrudis/Devon
  Simmental/Poll Hereford


In the 2009 ANCARE/CRT National Steer Competition the one entry of Red Polls from Ian and Jill Coghlan’s Eurimbla stud again proved the functionality and efficiency of Red Polls in competition with various other breeds and cross bred cattle.
The Red Polls were clearly the most successful entry and out pointed all breeds and cross bred cattle in relation to the efficient production of quality beef.

The competition comprised 26 teams of 4 steers from as far a field as Tongala in Victoria to Bungendore , Narromine and Baryulgil in New South Wales. The competition commenced at the Orange National Field days site where steers had a settling in period before their first weighing and subsequent grazing in the same paddock.

During the competition field days were run for breeders to examine the steers and at the last such field day exhibitors selected 3 steers from the 4 they had entered per pen for judging in the competition. The steers were then trucked to Cargill Beef Australia at Wagga Wagga where they were processed and the carcasses were judged by Jeff House from the Department of Primary Industries at Forbes.
In the Table above the average performance of the various teams of pure bred steers and cross bred steers is shown. The weight gain on grass was less than expected because of the seasonal conditions, and the carcass points do not include carcass weight specification points because the steers were fed for an unexpected 19 extra days before being killed.

The performance of the one pen of Eurimbla Red Poll steers was outstanding and again underlines the overall economic credentials of the Red Poll breed in the efficient production of prime beef. It is also noteworthy that the highest scoring individual steers for weight gain on grass, carcass quality and yield of saleable meat from the 104 in the competition came from the Red Poll pen.

The four Eurimbla steers were sired by Eurimbla Fabian (2), Eurimbla Renoir and Eurimbla Lepidus and were all out of Eurimbla cows. The Renoir steer achieved the highest carcass score, while one of the Fabian steers scored the rare double of highest weight gain on grass and highest yield of saleable meat – going into the competition he had the impressive Breedplan EBV figures of 23, 33 and 40 for 200 day, 400 day and 600 day growth.

The competition is renowned for the tremendous feedback that it provides to all exhibitors who can use the data to benchmark their steers against others and assess the growth and carcass performance of steers sired by different bulls.
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NSW Royal Agricultural Society Branded Meats Competition : 2009

Fine Food Results
Class 3 Open: judged on tenderness and taste. MSA graded.
Silver | 305 Hancock Group Glen Innes NSW 2370
Bronze | 301 TB Lee & Co, Quirindi, NSW 2343
*Both Pure Red Poll Meat
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Virbac National Steer Competition: Orange 2008


  Carcase Score Red Meat Yield Daily Gain Daily Gain
  Purebred Cattle     On grass (Kg’s) On grass (Kg’s)
Red Poll
136.66 68.0% .47 1.99
  Shorthorn 126.68 66.6% .41 1.71
  Santa Gertrudis 124.58 66.5% .51 1.53
  Angus 120.61 66.8% .43 1.70
  Poll Hereford 118.39 64.9% .34 1.48
  Murray Grey 118.10 64.5% .39 1.58
  Limousin 117075 70.1% .47 1.54
  Droughtmaster 115.99 65.5% .52 1.19


Crossbred and Composite Cattle
The Red Poll steers also out performed all 10 of the various crossbred and composite combinations (predominately Angus, Charolais and Shorthorn) in carcase and feedlot weight gain.
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Southern Grass Fed Carcase Classic Competition, Naracoorte : 2008

View competition results >

Red Polls entered by Alan and Peter Wilson of “Oakwood” Brentwood continued the winning success the breed had enjoyed during 2008 at the first Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic Competition held at Naracoorte South Australia.
Naracoorte is in the centre of the “cattle country” in South Eastern Australia and this new competition created much interest amongst dedicated beef producers in South Australia and Victoria .

Cattle were required to be grassfed on the producer’s property, processed at Teys Bros. works and carcase assessed using the ABCAS system. 125 entries were received from some 25 producers for the four classes. Classes were - steer and pen of 3 steers, both 300-420Kg DW and single carcase 180-260Kg and 261-340Kg DW.

R M Wilson and Son won the hotly contested class 261-340Kg from 61 entries with a carcase that weighed 261 kg and scored 83.9 points with an EMA of 101sq cms. This was the only EMA over 100sq cms and by far the largest EMA in the whole competition and still scored perfect fat points over the P8 and rib. Second largest EMA was also a Red Poll with 94 sq cms at 237kg. Next at 91sq cms was a 436kg Saler X carcase that scored zero for fat cover. “Oakwood” also produced the 4th place carcase in this class with a 263 kg carcase that scored maximum points for EMA and fat cover.

The 180-260kg class produced the Champion carcase with a Limousin cross scoring an amazing 88.08 points, some 4 points clear of the next carcase. Wilson’s entries were placed 5th and 6th, both 81 points and maximum points for EMA and fat cover.
Four of the carcases in the top 10 were Red Polls, a feat many breeds would love to emulate. The Wilson’s entered 8 head of pure bred Red Polls. Some were destined for their local butcher while others were out of his preferred weight range so selection for a carcase competition was limited. Of the eight, seven scored maximum points for EMA and six scored maximum points for P8 and rib fat cover.

The presentation dinner was held at the Kincraig Hotel, Naracoorte on Jan 30th attended by some 100 beef enthusiasts. Guest speaker was Mr Geoff Teys, from Brisbane, who gave an optimistic outlook for beef, backed up by the announcement that they would be doubling their kill capacity at the Naracoorte works.

The Flying Doctor organization were the worthy recipients of a cheque for $1800 as their percentage of the entry fees
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