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Buying or Selling of Livestock

If you are buying livestock it is in your interest to ensure that you are purchasing what you want, and know exactly what it is.

Pedigree and registration details of stud animals need to be checked prior to purchase.

Please go to the ARPCBI website, http://redpoll.org.au/ and use the following:

For registration details:   / Animal Enquiry

For Membership enquiries: / Member Enquiry or  / Industry Links/Red Poll Member Contact

Enquiries also to the ARPCBI office at ABRI, phone 02 6773 3059 or email red.poll@abri.une.edu.au.

Additionally, it is important that you know the health status of your own herd/flock and that of any animals being purchased.

If at all in doubt you should take advice from your veterinary surgeon.

In most cases, incoming stock should be isolated/quarantined in accordance with veterinary advice.

If you are selling livestock, it is your responsibility to ensure that any form of representation (including advertising) that is made in connection with the livestock in order to promote the supply or transfer of the livestock is true.