Tissue Sampling and Genetic Testing Resources

Background Video (by Allflex)


Ordering an applicator (and tubes)

Eartags website: https://www.eartags.com.au/product/tsu-applicator/

Farmers Mailbox: https://www.fmb.com.au/allflex-tsu-applicator.html

Neogen email: Dan Roe – SA Genomics Territory Manager droe@neogen.com

Chris Hoffmann – Vic Genomics Territory Manager choffmann@neogen.com

Harry Stewart – Inside Sales Rep hstweart@neogen.com

Customer Service – naa-lab@neogen.com

Ordering tissue sample tubes from neogen: email as above

It is best to have on hand tubes enough for the number of tissue samples you expect to collect in the whole year. Have a few extras on hand for unexpected issues and also to allow you the flexibility of submitting dam or sire samples at the same time should you wish to do some parentage verification (highly recommended). Keep the tubes in a cool place safe from moisture, rats and mice and they will keep on the shelf for 12 months or longer.

Order tubes with the applicator for the first year. After that you can order tubes separately.

Using the applicator:

https://www.allflex.global/au/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/04/TSU-application-instructions.pdf A hardcopy sheet you can print out and have with you.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTVLR-nMr00 This is a very clear all-flex video on using the applicator to ensure you get a good sample.

Order the tests from Neogen 

The email: naa-lab@neogen.com

The form:


choose download…

The mailing address for the tissue: 

NEOGEN Australasia
14 Hume Drive
QLD 4304

Note: hardcopy datasheet in the mail with the samples direct to Neogeen, and an email with the datasheet and correct payment to Keryn, (red.poll@abri.une.edu.au) is the best way to ensure rapid and accurate turnaround of your samples.  Or; if you prefer snail mail:

Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc
ABRI University of New England
Armidale NSW 2350

Things to Remember while Packaging and Shipping Animal Tissue/Hair/Blood/Semen 

Please ensure the samples are placed in a rigid box, satchel, or container with ample packaging preferably bubble wrapped to allow for rough handling during transit.

Please DO NOT send samples in paper-envelopes.

Postage Recommendations: Place the sealed bag/s containing the samples into a (express or parcel post) padded post envelope or rigid recycled packaging box. [Available at a AusPost Office or Officeworks store near you]

Make sure all contact details are correct and legibly written, including phone number, on the package. We recommend you receive a tracking number from Australia Post so you can monitor progress.

Results: Will be sent to ARPCBI, forwarded on to you, and recorded in the ABRI database.