2022 Red Poll Youth Camp


invites you to participate in a YOUTH CATTLE CAMP

Hosted by Northern New South Wales/Queensland Region

At: Glen Innes Showgrounds

When: Friday October 7th – Sunday October 9th, 2022

Open to people aged 8 years to 25 years who are interested in handling, showing and
learning about cattle and the beef industry. Catering for novice and experienced handlers,
the weekend will cover a range of interesting “hands on” activities, along with relevant cattle
industry tutorials.

Applications to attend close 26th August 2022

COST: $180.00 for non-members $155.00 for ARPCBI members (must be in participants
name) which covers accommodation, all meals (10am Friday to 4pm Sunday), instruction
and loan cattle. You can become a member of ARPCBI with your application to the camp,
please complete the attached membership form and submit with entry. If event is cancelled
due to COVID restrictions then refunds will be made available.
Please complete the entry form online by the 26th August using this link:


Students are required to bring the following:
• Swag
• Towel
• Toiletries
• Hat
• Plate, Cup, Bowl, Knife, T-towel, Fork and Spoon
• Clothes for three days
• Workboots plus Gumboots
• Jacket
• Blue jeans or moleskins for show day
• Cloths suitable for dinner at RSL Club Saturday night
• Cane if available
Note: Could all personal items be labelled to avoid confusion
Students can start arriving between 9 – 9.30am (no later than 10.00am) on Friday 7th of October and leave after clean up on Sunday 9 th of October at 4pm.

Parents are more than welcome to attend anytime during the camp
Camp is held on the Glen Innes Showgrounds, Torrington St
Students will be given a shirt for judging day so no white coats are required.
For more information about the RED POLL YOUTH CAMP:
Rachael Constable on 0432 581493
Tim Light on 0458 744552
Briony Looker 0488 527949

1. Age of entrants will be over 8 years and under 25 years as of 1 October. Competition and
prizes will be awarded for 8-25 year age groups only. If the participant is under 18 years
then a parent/guardian must also sign the entry form. Younger persons are invited to attend
as observers with strict parental supervision. Level of entrant’s experience must be stated
on the entry form.
2. Participants under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
3. Whilst all reasonable precautions will be taken by the committee to ensure the safety of all
attendees, each participant or parent/guardian signing this form agrees to indemnify the
committee and Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc against any claim resulting from any accident
or sickness that may occur at the event or associated with the event.
4. Any disruptive or unacceptable behaviour as defined by the committee from any individual
will not be tolerated. Such behaviour may result in disqualification from the competition and
/ or exclusion from the grounds.
5. No alcohol is to be brought to the grounds by entrants. Individuals not abiding to this rule
will face immediate disqualification and exclusion from the grounds.
6. All entrants at all times are to obey the directions of the officially appointed supervisors and
are to remain on the grounds for the duration of the show. Only in exceptional
circumstances and with parent’s approval, will an entrant be permitted to leave the show
7. There will be no smoking in the cattle sheds, toilets, eating area or sleeping area.
8. Entrants are to wear neat, tidy clothes each day of the show. Adequate footwear must be
worn at all times. Neatness of attire will be a consideration in the Parader’s Competition.
9. All Bulls and Heifers are to be pure Red Poll. No Cows and calves. Bulls must be under
18mths and have a nose ring. Steers are accepted but must be at least 75% Red Poll
10. The Committee will attempt to arrange the loan of a suitable animal for entrants needing to
borrow an animal for the show. Every effort will be made to provide a suitable animal for
every entrant.
11. Allocated animals will be used in all show events.
12. Entrants must compete in all events to be eligible for herdsman award.
13. If previously received a Youth Member Award for Overall Champion Herdsman Award the
participant is not eligible to compete for such an award at the following camp.
14. All animals must have NLIS tag
15. Liability in relation to any cattle remains with the owner. It is strongly recommended that
livestock owners are covered by a current insurance that extends to shows.